Monday, August 16, 2010

Virtues Of Ramdan

Narrated Abu Huraira(r.a): The Prophet (peace be upon him) as saying, "Who ever fasts during the month of Ramadan out of sincere faith and hoping for a reward from Allah will have all of his previous sins forgiven." “When Ramadhan comes, the Gates of Mercy are opened and the Gates of Hell are shut and the devils are put in chains” -Sahih Bukhari


My little son was up at four for the morning repast. Like the others he too wanted to observe the fast. The fare was simple, chapatti, vegetable and egg. No beef or chunk of mutton or chicken leg. No food after sunrise and the thirst we defy. No Smoking’, ‘No Paan’ or the occasional lie. Control the impulses and the thoughts that come unbidden. Why! For a man even his wife is forbidden! Fasting manifests the ongoing bout. Between good sense and the devil’s clout. Those who view fasting with doubt. understand, the devil is within not without. Men with vaunted intelligence will demand. How does it help, the devil’s brief remand. Well my friend, if you can be good for thirty days. Why not for an year or for always. The message of fasting is simple and brief. Do good, be polite and stay out of mischief. Eat less and you eat only twice. Be charitable, cultivate no avarice.
By Mohamed Azam 17 August 2010 TRUE COLORS OF FASTING
Indeed all praise be to Allah as such we praise Him, seek His help and assistance from the evil of oneself and from the evil that resides due to our deeds. We thank Allah [swt] for guiding us to the benefits of fasting which if rightly comprehended can help this Muslim Ummah in combating the evil by practicing self restrain. We also thank Allah [swt] for granting and encouraging us with the variety of fasts so that we can constantly turn to him with sincere repentance. We ask Allah to grant us with the ability and desire to fast like that of Prophet Dawood [peace be upon him] which was the most beloved fast in the sight of Allah. And may peace and blessings be upon the Imam of the Messengers Muhammed Ibn Abdullah[s], his family, and his companions and all those who have followed him and all those who are following him until the Last day. The true colors are the realities of fasting. And this treatise on fasting is the elucidation of concepts, purposes, types, and the virtues of fasts in contrast to ritualistic understanding. It is assumed that this treatise Insha Allah would be beneficial for understanding and encouraging the Muslims to fast in and out of Ramadan. A Must Read - Click To Download

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