Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shookur - Thanking

Its very important to Thank Allah swt for the favors he bestows on us.
Allah swt say
“And verily We gave Luqman wisdom, saying: Give thanks unto Allah; and whosoever giveth thanks, he giveth thanks for (the good of) his soul. And whosoever refuseth - Lo! Allah is Absolute, Owner of Praise.”
The Holy Quran
Luqman (Chapter 31 Verse 12)
Thanking Allah swt and Thanking the person who did a favor or a good act is also very important.
As Prophet Muhammed saw said :
'Whoever does not thank people (for their favors) has not thanked Allah (properly), Mighty and Glorious is He!' (At-TirmidhĂ®)
So brothers and sister, Thanking is a very important act and it’s also a part of worship, lets learn how to Thank Allah swt.


Anonymous said...

As salam
Brother i am very happy that a blog has started for evryone to interact on Islamic topics. AlhamdulilAllah may Allah accept all our good deeds.

Anonymous said...

assalam walikum alhamdulliah your bayan is very good excellent ainshallah may you put many speech