Thursday, June 18, 2009

Importance Of Education

One of the causes of uplift and downfall of Muslims, is backwardness in Education. Even though the first revelation from Allah(SWT) to Ummath-e-Mohammeddia was IQRA, READ and secure Knowledge. But it is regretted that the Ummath which was ordered to secure knowledge, has lost the value of it.

People who have secured education are also not matching the accord of current requirements, the reason for this is that we have wrongly presented education system (religious and worldly).

The outcome of presenting the education system wrongly, has resulted for those who get educated in religious school (Madarsa) to became backward, this is because they are far away from the current education (Secular) trends.

For those who have secured big degrees in colleges and universities have failed in learning the religious education completely, this failure of not securing the religious education have made them so ignorant that, they even don’t know how to raise their hands in prayer in favor of their parents.

Therefore it is relevant to know and think what is the meaning and the main purpose of learning.

To know the importance of education as emphasized in the Holy Quran and Hadith, please listen to the lecture (The Importance Of Education) which is been uploaded for your perusal and please reflect on where we have lacked behind.

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